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The digital revolution is on and it is going fast. Companies are faced with the digitalisation of their business processes and there is urgency to join it. Not joining is not surviving, joining means having a chance to survive. The digitalisation is often only viewed and approached from the technical perspective, but how can people and organisations grow thanks the digital revolution?


Robots will take over all manual and labour-intensive work and many people will lose their jobs. A major threat of a surplus of people with old and unneeded skills and competencies and a shortage of people with highly needed new sets of skills and competencies is coming towards us with high speed. Instinctive reactions of people when facing danger of a major threat are flight, fight or freeze. Related to the fear of the consequences of the digital revolution, it looks like people at all levels of organisations mainly freeze, as flight is no option because of the basic need of income. But what about fight, which I would like to translate to embrace and act? A very famous quote says it all: survival is about adapting to the circumstances!

Observe the digital revolution and its’s impact and accept the way it comes!


People are so much stronger than we believe and can imagine. We have been taught and raised to act and react from our conscious mind and our rational. Such a pity, because our unconscious mind and our instinct is much, much, much more powerful. We just must train and develop the unconscious mind and instinct again and it is not about only rational or only instinct; it is about combining both! Many studies proved it already, positive thinking has a positive impact on the body and behaviour. In business terms this is called: self-fulfilling prophecy. Whether you believe you can’t do it or you can do it, you will be right in both cases. Or you will get the same results if you keep on doing the same things. Or, solve a problem at a different level than it occurred!

Circle of influence

So , what can we do? How can we embrace the digital revolution and realise personal growth thanks to the revolution it? It so simple that we experience it as not simple. Experience the reality as it is, without adding any judgements or emotional reaction. Just take it as it is and look at it. This is called phenomenological observation and is the basis for systemic work. Observe the digital revolution and its’s impact and accept the way it comes. If the consequence of the digital revolution for you means that you will lose your job, then accept it as a fact. You cannot change the world and stop the revolution, because it will come anyway. Instead of putting, often negative, energy and emotions into it, accept it and put all your positive energy and emotions into working out a way to adapt to the new reality, develop and grow thanks to it! Stephen Covey called this stepping out of your circle of concern, by stepping into your circle of influence!

If you grow, the company will grow as well!

New reality

As mentioned before, we are not used to this way of behaviour anymore. We live in an era where we are told and taught to act and behave the way we want it, which is really good. Unfortunately, in reality we complain a lot and we do accept the way it is, as we told that can do that. We are in the circle of concern. Taking ownership and responsibility of our life and personal development, does not mean ignoring and not accepting reality. It means stepping into your circle of influence by accepting reality and dealing with it: embrace and act! Moving from no, to yes! Does that mean you always have to be positive and smile? No! It is good to take a moment or period of time to grieve about the loss. Grieving is about accepting reality that something is gone, not there anymore and that is good, as long as you do not stay in it. Give yourself time to grieve, but also take yourself out of it again to look at the new reality again with fresh eyes.


The digital revolution will take away many labour-intensive jobs and new jobs will appear again. The main challenge is that new jobs requires slightly different set of skills and competencies, which implies retraining. Instead of looking at it (freeze) or run away from it (flight), let’s decide to accept the challenge (fight: embrace and act). Look into the highly needed new skills and competencies and start to offer retraining programs and personal coaching to the yourself and people in the organisation. By doing this you offer a possibility to develop and grow thanks to the revolution. Using a quote from a famous large Swedish furniture company: if you grow, the company will grow as well!


In mijn hoedanigheid als Business Director Nordics voor een financiële dienstverlener heb ik jaren naar volle tevredenheid samengewerkt met Marinda. We hebben voor IKEA samen een groot wereldwijd project opgezet. Gedurende het voortraject en gedurende de samenwerking heb ik haar leren kennen als een zeer deskundige en betrouwbare partner die de verwachtingen duidelijk weet te managen. Ze spreekt heldere, klare taal en komt haar beloftes na. Ook heb ik tijdens gezamenlijk georganiseerde round-table sessies kunnen zien dat ze een begenadigd spreker is die haar publiek weet te inspireren.

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